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Application Instructions




1. Sharp razor knife

2. Acetone (preferred) or Isopropyl Alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol) at least 80%

3. Ammonia based window cleaner (Windex®)

4. At least 1” Wide Masking Tape


Installation Guidelines

1. Do NOT install in temperatures below 60°F.

2. Do NOT attempt to remove and adjust a mat once it’s been glued down.

3. Do NOT install near a reflective surface that can amplify sunlight and reflect directly on the Orthodek surface thus raising the temperature above the maximum operating temperature of 165oF (74oC) Doing so may result in damage and void your warranty.

4. Surface must be completely dry before applying the pads.



Surface Preparation 

1. Wipe down all surfaces with acetone where marine flooring will be installed. This will remove dirt, wax, and any other surface contaminants.


2. Follow the Acetone wipe down with an ammonia based cleaner.


• Perform this process in a section by section sequence just prior to installing your next piece. 




1. Place the pads on the surface area to verify the fit and spacing to determine the exact location of the pad.(s)


2. Lift the pad up and turn the pad over and using the razor blade score the liner of the pad down the middle at the shortest width; ensuring that it cuts completely through and the liner is now in 2 pieces.


3. Using the masking tape, tape 1 side of the pad to the surface area, holding the pad in the exact location that you want to adhere to.


4. Lift the pad up on the side that is not taped down and remove a portion of the liner to expose the adhesive.


5. Carefully and slowly, lower the pad towards the surface and begin to apply downward pressure with your hand that is not holding onto the liner.


6. From the center working towards the outer edges, slowly and carefully peel the rest of the paper backing while applying the pad. Apply pressure to the mat to ensure there’s a firm bond between the pad and the surface area.


7. Remove the masking tape from the other side of the pad and repeat step 4-6 8. Firmly press down on all surface areas and edges of the pad to ensure there’s uniform adhesion.

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Step by Step Visual

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